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Kolín - Pardubice

Trail length:
53 km
Starting point:
Kolín, Týnec Přelouč, Pardubice
Ending point:
Places to visit

Kolín, Týnec, Přelouč, Pardubice

Further upstream from Kolín towards the historical town of Týnec nad Labem, the Elbe River Greenway unfortunately continues along inferior quality trails and rather busy roads. Hence, for safety and speed’s sake, it’s more favourable to ride on the road and trail on the Elbe’s left bank. In Týnec nad Labem, the Doubrava river joins the Elbe. From here you should carry on on the right side of the river (the road is recommended over the trail) to the National stud farm in Kladruby nad Labem, home to a breeding centre of Kladrubers, who grace teams of horses at several European royal courts. Another interesting point along the way is the village of Semín with its wooden belfry and the mouth of the Opatovice canal, which once fed the largest Czech ponds. Then the Elbe River Greenway takes a somewhat complicated course around the town of Přelouč and the low-quality section of the Greenway finally ends on arrival to the city of Pardubice.

Týnec nad Labem – Doubrava river estuary
Kladruby nad Labem – National stud farm
Pardubice – historical centre, chateau, horse racing venue, Chrudimka river estuary

Kolín information centre
Na Hradbách 157, 280 00 Kolín 1
phone: +420 321 712 021

Týnec nad Labem information centre
Masarykovo náměstí 72, 281 26 Týnec nad Labem
phone: +420 321 620 313

Pardubice information centre
Náměstí Republiky 1, 530 02 Pardubice
phone: +420 466 768 390